We try to help every guest have a wonderful stay with us. Policies are for the comfort, peace and safety of our guests, to keep our resort clean and equipment in good condition. Because guests have observed the policies, we have been able to keep our rates reasonable, provide many amenities and enjoy guests who return again and again.

Rates for each unit vary.
Rates in rooms and suites are for two people. Rates in 2 and 3 bedroom cottages are for 4 people. Rates in the 5 bedroom cottage are for eight people. The Anniversary Suite is an adult only suite for 2 people. Each additional person of any age is only $10 per night. If extra guests are not included in the online total when you secure the room, your invoice will be adjusted.
** Guests who bring their own towels in the rooms and suites may receive travel green discount. Please request this special when reserving.

Reservation Policy

  • A reservation is tentatively confirmed when you receive a copy of the invoice when you reserve online. Please carefully check the invoice. Please contact us if you have questions or if there is an error.
  • The reservation is accepted when we record valid credit card information and, unless there was a booking or website error, is confirmed when the payment clears.
  • You will automatically receive a copy of the invoice when you reserve.
  • If policy was not followed or there is a website error, the reservation may be canceled.
  • If there is a website error in the room rate, the guest may pay the correct amount or cancel the reservation when notified.
  • Two or three night minimums apply during holiday, festival and busy weekends. Reservations not meeting the minimum will be adjusted or cancelled.
  • We may need to change the unit to a comparable or upgraded room to allow for a longer stay.
  • Only one special or package applies during a single stay.
  • Rates may increase, but not after the reservation has been confirmed.
  • A fee may be accessed for policy non compliance and the reservation may be canceled with no refund for violations that disturb other guests or cause damage and excessive cleaning.


  • A deposit is paid when the booking is made. See room, suite or cottage tab for details
  • If there are fewer than 30 days before arrival, the reservation is paid in full.
  • We accept Visa, MC, check, cash or money order. There must be a valid credit card on file if you are paying by check, cash or money order.
  • We will accept one credit card per reservation. Payments by other people in the same group may be made in advance by check or on arrival in cash.
  • A $15 service fee will be charged for each additional credit card per reservation because it requires canceling and writing a new reservation to match credit card information.
  • There is a 5.5% room tax plus a 5.5% state sales tax in Door County.


Please remember that the season in Door County is very short and when we guarantee to rent to you, we have promised not to rent the unit to anyone else, even when they offer to pay more. You guarantee to be financially responsible for the days confirmed. You pay for the rental guarantee, not for the room. If a credit card is declined or invalid when booking, the reservation may be canceled.

  • When you must cancel a reservation of 2 or more days on short notice, a GIFT CREDIT for the amount not re-rented, minus the cancellation fee, may be requested and can apply toward A SINGLE STAY DURING THE MILD or QUIET SEASON for up to a year
  • If a room is canceled less than 14 days or a suite or cottage is canceled with less than 60 days, the person who reserved the room will be financially responsible for the period of time the unit is not re-rented for the same dates and at the same rate.
  • The cancellation fee for the rooms is $15 for each room and $25 for each suite or cottage. A one night stay is not refundable.
  • A refund, minus the cancellation fee, will be made if WRITTEN NOTICE is received at least 14 days prior to the arrival date for rooms or 90 days prior to arrival date in suites or cottages.
  • Reservations for a no show will be held until 8:00 am the day after your scheduled arrival. You will be charged the balance of the reservation and will be reimbursed the amount re-rented minus the cancellation fee.

Specific Cottage Policies: click here to read

BarleyPETS POLICY: Pets are only allowed in 3 rooms.  Peninsula State Park across the road is a wonderful place to walk dogs. Pets are not allowed in other buildings and may not be housed or tied up outside of a cottage overnight. Pets may never be left alone in the room. We will help you locate a pet sitter if needed. If barking disturbs other guests, you will be required to leave with no refund. If another guest leaves due to a pet’s excessive noise, the pet owner will be responsible for the balance of their reservation. Each dog is $15 per night plus excessive cleaning or damages. 

BICYCLE POLICY: Bicycles are free for guests only. They may be used in Peninsula State Park or wherever they can be ridden, except on mountain bike trails or rough terrain. They may not be transported by vehicle. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Helmets are not provided, but we suggest you bring yours or rent them in Fish Creek. If you bring your own bicycle and need overnight storage, please let us know. Bicycles are not allowed inside the rental units. Guests must read & sign our agreement, available in advance by request, before use because most accidents can be prevented.